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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mike Edison: How Sex Magazines Made The World A Better Place (PHOTOS)

Mike Edison: How Sex Magazines Made The World A Better Place (PHOTOS)

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  1. These days you can push a button on your Internet machine and see the most pernicious smut ever foisted on human kind, and for free. I suppose for some this rates as some sort of victory, but I am not so sure. I think when it comes to sex, there should be more of a discovery process, and pictures of naked ladies need to be held in a more sacred light. In other words, boys need to steal them from their fathers and uncles and grandfathers as I did, and as has been happening for decades before me. Gone, I am afraid, is the magic of the centerfold, the sense of anything being risqué, or naughty, or even special. Everything now seems so lurid and tawdry. As I say in Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!, with all of this technological marvel at our disposal, what happened to the wonder?

    So right now I want to go back, way back, as they say, and so, for all of you freedom-of-speech-junkies, pop-culture vultures, and anyone interested in sex and policitcs in America -- because unfortunately they are hopelessly intertwined -- here's a slide show based on Dirty! Dirty! Dirty! and a time when men's magazines mattered.

    Even though I know you are only here to read the articles.