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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I found a different species at The Next Web 2012 | New Europe

I found a different species at The Next Web 2012 | New Europe

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  1. They proudly call themselves geeks; more formally technologists, but are they people? Is the stereotype of square-eyed programmers who are anti-social and don't know how to live, wrong? Or perhaps they are an entirely different species all together? Their special powers are harnessing the power of ideas, and making them realities. They use their knowledge, networking, and teamwork to build projects which may turn into billion dollar businesses.

    Startups, startups, startups. An idea, Angel investment, Series A funding, and boom, a baby is born. That means nothing to most people in Europe.

    The concept behind startups is simple. People with a good idea, get together, build a proof of concept, and then go around selling a percentage in this newly formed company in several investment rounds until they have enough money and exposure to balloon it to a full-blown business. What differentiates these businesses from the more traditional models is that we are usually talking about projects which involve the internet (no tangible goods and stocking), and that these projects are extremely high risk. Facebook and Instagram are the most notable examples that have been making the news recently.