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Saturday, September 22, 2012

An App For Our CrazyBusy Lives | EYES IN

An App For Our CrazyBusy Lives | EYES IN

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  1. "Given the busy time of year, with school ending, vacations starting, and summer changes to routine, families have culturally induced ADD this time of year and find difficulty getting everything they need to do completed," reveals Dr. Edward Hallowell, a child and adult psychiatrist who's been treating children and adults with ADD and ADHD for over 30 years.

    What is culturally induced ADD? "You can get so busy that you look as if you have Attention Deficit Disorder. True Attention Deficit Disorder you are born with. It's in your genes. But culturally induced ADD is simply an artifact of being too busy. When you get too busy, you become impulsive, you become restless, you become irritable, you become easily frustrated. All of those are typical symptoms of ADD. Put solutions in place now to avoid ADD-like behaviors this summer," recommends Dr. Hallowell.

    The iPhone application CrazyBusy Tips is now available to help parents and families determine where to most productively spend their time. The app is free from the iTunes store with a paid upgrade that provides additional customized information and feedback.

    CrazyBusy Tools Included in the Free Version:

    - "Worth It" Assessment to determine how you spend your time and how you value each activity

    - Customized feedback and recommendations for the areas in your life that appear out of balance such as work, school, email, leisure, exercise, etc. (free version offers your choice of two complementary summaries; unlimited feedback with the Pro version)